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What a Year! December Update.

What a Year! December Update.

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After a series of hot days here in North Canterbury, my blue-tacked 2020 calendar fell off the wall yesterday. I’m taking it as a sign. We’re done! Well actually, not quite, but so close I can taste it.

In an extraordinary set of events the world has completely uprooted the premises upon which Eat New Zealand stands - from food production, local food networks, food resilience to hospitality and tourism.

By throwing everything in the air it has allowed the space for re-imagining as things land again. You can be damn sure we’re going to be proactive in that re-imagining. What is our food story? Who gets to tell it? Who should be involved? How can our food sustain us environmentally, socially, culturally and economically? How can we rebuild what has been diminished? How can we address the inequality that has been created? How can we feed ourselves, ALL of us, to create better physical and mental health outcomes? What is it that makes this little South Pacific Island Nation truely unique on a global stage?

It was our biggest year yet.

It was a year in which we had put on hold our dreams to further a national food celebration through Feast Matariki.

But it was a year in which we created the Kaitaki; a collective of next generation story-tellers. We had our biggest Food Hui to date, we bought together our regional food legends, and initiated the first regional food tourism project with Southland. We launched Slow Fish & the idea of a Local Grain Economy for Aotearoa. We found a partnership with our government agency, MPI. We started a conversation about a National Food Strategy and launched a series of webinars and podcasts. We're still working on the opportunity to pull our food story onto a common platform where we can collect together to encourage our neighbours, citizens and visitors to truly experience New Zealand food.

I need to acknowledge the Eat New Zealand executive. Their 'day jobs' have been some of this year’s most disrupted - events, tourism, hospitality, social development. Despite this they’ve stayed the course and contributed to our biggest year yet.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you for contributing, listening, spreading the word, joining the movement, being open to seeing a better food future, or simply not hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button!

After years of 'paddling out’, it feels like momentum is creating an almighty wave upon which we can stand. Time to ride….bring on 2021.

In the meantime we wish you all a peaceful Christmas, with full plates of kai and love.

Arohanui, Angela.

Summer Road Trip Listening

Just in time for those summer road trips, we launch the next series of our Eat New Zealand Podcasts, hosted by Asher Boote, our CE Angela Clifford and produced by Steve Cochran of Rock Pool Productions. These fresh new episodes include speakers, topics and conversations shared at our #FoodHui2020 in Wellington in October:

  • Our Kaitaki Collective
    • We give background to how the Kaitaki came to be, and Asher speaks to Kaitaki members: Pā Shaq, Nickie Hursthouse, Ashleigh Barrowman and Megan Hart.
  • Local Grain Economy for Aotearoa
    • We speak to the importance of pushing forward towards NZ grown grains, and Asher speaks to Baker and Miller - Sam Forbes of Wellington-based Shelly Bay Baker and the Farmer who grows their grain - Suzy Rhea of Ngamara Farm in Rangitikei.
  • Slow Fish
    • We share some context to our involvement in the global Slow Fish movement and Asher speaks to Fisher Nate Smith of Gravity Fishing and Chef Max Gordy of Hillside
As you take to the road this summer, tune in wherever you like to listen as these thought-leaders and voices present the challenges, realities and solutions that can begin to re-imagine a better outcome for the future of food in Aotearoa.

Tune in to the Eat New Zealand Podcast Episodes...

Additional Listening:

Angela joined Ben Groundwater as they navigate the big questions - who invented the flat white and pavlova, and the influence of Māori cuisine on modern New Zealand dishes.

Continuing our Slow Fish conversation, Nate Smith joined Kathryn on RNZ Nine til Noon, to talk about liasing directly with chefs and customers and his commitment to sustainable kai moana.

Stories and a #KaitakiChallenge

Last month alongside the topic of Fruit & Vege, our collective brought it upon themselves to come up with a #Kaitaki Challenge. Created by Taranaki based food grower, Zoe Pepper, the idea was to encourage us all to consider where, how and what we consume amidst the madness of the festive season.

We’d love for you to take part in the challenge, simply tag @eat.newzealand in your Instagram stories and use the hashtag #KaitakiChallenge, share your producers, markets and foraging missions with us and help acknowledge the people and produce of this special place we get to call home.

Earlier this week during our monthly Kaitaki Kōrero we launched our December topic: NZ Christmas and Food Waste. We were super fortunate to be joined by special guest Trixie Croad a passionate young researcher with a background in Sociology and who is currently completing a Master's in Food Waste at the University of Otago - specifically looking at food waste across food production.

Take a look through some of our latest Kaitaki stories below...

Remember to keep an eye out across our various platforms as we continue to share more from this collective of young New Zealand food guides.

Regional Food Events: 2021

A round up of food-focused events, festivals and celebrations happening in the next few months...

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