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  • Manawatu – Whanganui

From the mountains to the sea, the Manawatū-Whanganui region is as diverse in landscape as it is in food offerings. While not traditionally known as a foodie destination, it just means there's more treasures for you to discover down windy country gravel roads that run between sheep and beef properties and alongside the market gardens that call the lush fertile plains home.

The Manawatū-Whanganui region stretches from the rich volcanic soils of Mount Ruapehu in the north to the fertile plains of Horowhenua in the south. The mainstay of the region is sheep and beef farming, but market gardens have earned it the title of the vegetable food bowl of the lower North Island. Microclimates and soil types within the region cater to the growth of different food and vegetables. Produce from Horowhenua is shipped not only to all over New Zealand but on daily flights to Japan during the peak asparagus growing season. While much of the food grown in Horowhenua graces supermarket shelves as unbranded staple Kiwi items, there are a number of specialty producers across the region who are increasingly finding ways to share their food story directly with their customers - they welcome them into a behind-the-scenes look at their produce. 

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  • 17 Victoria Ave
  • Palmerston North
Hosts Andrew and Jenni May would love to welcome you to their newly located restaurant Amayjen
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The China Inn is an icon in the Manawatu. Since its opening in 1984 we have stood the test of time…
  • Fridays
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An idyllic setting, a great location in the middle of town (Manchester Square), the hub of the…
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New Zealand's Sustainably Farmed Online Organic ButcherHome of New Zealand's Largest Online Range of
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Built in 1918, Nero Restaurant encompasses a stunning Victorian character home, set on 1/4 acre of…
  • 54 Princess Street
  • Palmerston North
Established in 2015.…
  • 4265 Oio Road
  • RD2
A remote, refined, conservation focused restaurant, in the heart of New Zealand's North Island. An…
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