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Food Hui 2020 - October Update

Food Hui 2020 - October Update

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A National Food Strategy

It was exciting to see the announcement about the possibility of a National Food Strategy from The Aotearoa Circle appointing KPMG today. We remain hopeful that this process will be inclusive and citizen-led, to that end here is an article published yesterday on The Spinoff about my thinking around a National Food Strategy. We will be furthering this discussion as part of our Food Hui on the 20th of October in Wellington with a panel of major thought-leaders including Charles Ehrhart from KPMG, Lindy Nelson from Ratahiwi Farm, Annie Ualesi from Called, Geoff Kira from Aotearoa Food Policy Network and Boyd Swinburn from Auckland University. Without a doubt the Food Hui continues to be an event that includes the most important food conversations in New Zealand. Don't miss it. This will be our sixth annual Food Hui on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of October, held at Te Papa, with Day 1 presented by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand. Day 2 is included as part of the VISA Wellington on a Plate festival programme, which means tickets are open to anyone with an interest in food in New Zealand. Connecting people to our land through our food has never been more relevant or urgent. Over the last few months we’ve seen a huge swing towards the principles and values that Eat New Zealand stands for including growing food communities and connecting directly to those who grow & catch our food. We know our food producers have the opportunity to lead recovery, and celebrating them through hospitality, events and tourism experiences has never been more important. While our borders are closed we have the opportunity to reset our priorities creating a more resilient and future-proof version of our food nation. It’s with huge enthusiasm and hope that we present this most important food conversation in New Zealand. Grab your ticket now. Day 2. Tues 20th Oct. 9am - 4pm. Presented by Eat New Zealand. Topics include:

  • Our Kaitaki Collective - an Eat New Zealand nationwide network of young food story-tellers.
  • Slow Fish - Community access to our fish, so we can all tell our kaimoana stories, and connect with those catching our wild food.
  • Local Grain Economy - Establishing a resilient and connected future for our grain growers, millers, bakers, chefs and eaters.
  • National Food Strategy - Why we need one and how to make it a reality.
  • Food Tourism - The exciting future for food tourism, perspectives from our regions to our national agencies.

Read more about what's in store for Day 1 here. Over the next two weeks across our Instagram and Facebook pages we will introduce you to each of our panellists and speakers. So head over to watch the line up unfold...

Secure your Food Hui 2020 tickets now.
Read the Spinoff article here.
Chef Nikita Kuschke of Hillside Kitchen & Cellar in Wellington shares why she thinks the Food Hui is so important for our wider Aotearoa food community. #FoodHui2020

On the Food Hui Lunch Menu!

If we are bringing people together to talk about food, we know just how important it is to ensure we feed people in a way that speaks to who we are and celebrates the food of our place. Over the last five years we have engaged a number of epic chefs, restaurants and producers to showcase our kai from hāngi cooked in the ground on the Auckland waterfront, to edible insects and beyond. This year we are fortunate to have two of our Wellington based Kaitaki Collective members taking the reigns to provide us with an inspired lunch menu for Day 1 and Day 2 of the Food Hui at Te Papa. Chef Max Gordy (Hillside Kitchen) and Chef Vicky Ha (House of Dumplings) are two young, immensely passionate chefs who have forged their impressive careers with a fierce ethos to celebrate local produce and to cook with intention. They have both crafted a unique menu which highlights issues they feel are important in the wider landscape of New Zealand food.

Lunch - Day 1

A Menu to Highlight Food Waste & Wild Food by Chef Max Gordy: Fry bread sandwiches using NZ grown wheat

  • Bread dough by Leed St Bakery made with Milmore Downs flour seasoned with kūmara skin powder. Filled with:
    • NZ Beef Pastrami
    • Roasted Bostocks Chicken
    • BBQ’ed Asparagus (v)
  • Sauerkraut with wild fennel, red cabbage and daikon.
  • Pickled celery and celery leaf pesto - made using celery leaves that were destined to become pigs feed.
  • New Zealand grown Potato Crisps with celery salt.

Lunch - Day 2

A Menu that Showcases the Ecosystem by Chef Vicky Ha:

  • Hawkes Bay Organic Free-range Chicken & Fresh Coriander Dumplings
  • Kūmara & NZ Hemp Heart Dumplings (v)
  • Wairarapa Cricket & Six-Mushroom Dumplings (v)
  • Kiwi Chickpea, Beets, Carrot, Kale, Otago Walnut, Nasturtium Flowers & Kawakawa Vinaigrette
  • Kiwi Quinoa, Roasted Pumpkins, Edamame, Cabbage, Spinach, Kiwi Wakame & Karengo Vinaigrette
  • New Zealand Greens Bowl

Grab your ticket now so you don't miss out on any of this deliciousness.

I'm in! Take me to the Food Hui 2020.

Terra Madre: Food Hui + Slow Fish

We are super excited to have our Food Hui and our Slow Fish Conversation included as part of the international recognised Terra Madre festival celebration. This global Slow Food event seeks to unite our food, our planet and our future and includes a host of diverse and innovative event formats taking place both online and offline throughout the world from October 2020 through til April 2021. On the Terra Madre website you'll find a shared daily calendar of global events including our Food Hui conversation, so head over and take a look. #Slowfoodforchange #TerraMadre

National Food Strategy Webinar 4.0

Last week on Tuesday 29th of September we continued to expand the conversation around a National Food Strategy for Aotearoa. This time we wanted to remind people of the importance of food in our cities and urban spaces, which spans the system from production to transformation and celebration. Thank you to Sarah Smuts-Kennedy @omg_akl, Carl Freeman @freeman_farms_taranaki, Sarah Meikle @wellyonaplate and Julia Milne @commonunitynz who so passionately shared their vision for what must be included in a National Food Strategy for New Zealand.

Catch up on our previous National Food Strategy ConversatioNZ here.

Watch the National Food Strategy ConversatioNZ 4.0
VISA Wellington on a Plate is off to an indulgent and delicious start, taking place in the capital through until the 31st October. Remember that Day 2 of the #FoodHui2020 is included as part of the festival programme - so tell your food friends and encourage them to grab a ticket so they too can join the conversation.
Join us for Day 2 of the #FoodHui as part of VISA WOAP!
We'd like to acknowledge the generous and ongoing support of our sponsors and partners ANZ, Beef + Lamb NZ and the Restaurant Association.

Mauri ora
Angela Clifford, CEO Eat New Zealand


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