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FoodHui 2020

FOOD HUI 2020.

Monday 19th October - Day 1 by Restaurant Association.

Tuesday 20th October - Day 2 by Eat New Zealand.

Where: Te Papa, Wellington.

Tickets on sale now.

Eat New Zealand began life as a day of talks about our food and the things that influence it. For that reason our Food Hui remains a hugely important date in our yearly calendar. This is our sixth consecutive annual symposium and it will be held in Wellington on Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th October, as a part of VISA Wellington on a Plate and co-presented with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.

It is undoubtedly the most important food conversation in New Zealand, as it covers all aspects of our food; from agriculture to hospitality and tourism.

We’re a small country with a big voice, and when we speak, more often than not, the world listens. So, we’re gathering up some of the best local and international speakers who bring with them tools, stories, and ideas to educate and inspire! If we stand together we have the power to create enormous change for good. Come and be part of the event that moves beyond the walls of establishments and into the community and nation.

Be part of the conversation...

Eat New Zealand are partnering with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand to bring you a plethora of speakers and panellists as they take the stage to share knowledge and insights. Assembled for two days of talking, listening and thinking about New Zealand food, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity to learn from movers and shakers.

Schedule for Day 2 - Tuesday 20th October presented by Eat New Zealand

  • National Food Strategy - why we need one and how to make it a reality.
  • Kaitaki - our Eat New Zealand nationwide network of young food story-tellers.
  • Local Grain Economy - establishing a resilient and connected future for our grain growers, millers, bakers, chefs and eaters.
  • Food Tourism - the exciting future for food tourism, perspectives from our regions to our national agencies.
  • Slow Fish - community access to our fish, so we can all tell our kaimoana stories, and connect with those catching our wild food.

Schedule for Day 1 - Monday 19th October presented by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand

  • The new future of dining post Covid19 / lockdown – changing dining habits and service styles
  • Establishing where tech works best: fitting technology into your customers journey
  • Preparing for the future: diversification & alternative revenue streams
  • What if this happened again? Business contingency planning for another world event
  • Personalisation through Automation - How to do mass personalisation in the age of Covid
  • What do consumers want from businesses in 2020/21 - the trends that will have the biggest impact
  • Sustainability panel - plant based | line caught | traceability | ethical trends are not trends - they are here to stay.
  • Revisiting our national food strategy.

The event is for Eat New Zealand supporters, all Restaurant Association members, owners/operators, food producers, fishers, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, suppliers, tourism operators, media and food lovers. Last year we saw over 200 people attend from all around New Zealand and we expect to see even more in 2020.

Every year has been an opportunity to connect and advance our thinking collectively, particularly important in such tumultuous times. If you want insight into what’s happening and the people making it happen, get along.

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