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FoodHui 2019

Eat New Zealand began life as a day of talks about our food and the things that influence it. For that reason our Food Hui remains a hugely important date in our yearly calendar. This is our fifth consecutive annual symposium and it will be held in Auckland on Sunday 3rd & Monday 4th November, as a part of Taste of Auckland, co-presented with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand. It is undoubtedly the most important food conversation in New Zealand, as it covers all aspects of our food; from agriculture to hospitality and tourism. More details & tickets here:

The 2nd day, Monday 4th November, will be our day to discuss ideas such as the inspiration Māori Food Systems can be for us all, the future of Culinary Tourism, our regional food stories, the future of the NZ Food Story, creating awareness about a national food resilience movement and the possibility that regenerative agriculture could be a new narrative for our farmers facing so many challenges.

There will be over 30 speakers including Dr. Jessica Hutchings a leading Māori food researcher and food system thinker, Ian Proudfoot, our top agribusiness future thinker, Greg Hart and Gwen Grelet, some of our most innovative farmers and agricultural scientists, Natalie O'Brien, who was at the helm of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival for 15 years. Emily King an environmental lawyer connected to our food system from a grassroots perspective and many others. Lunch will be cooked by Jamie Johnston head chef at 'pay as you feel' social enterprise restaurant 'Everybody Eats'.

Every year has been an opportunity to connect and advance our thinking collectively, particularly important in such tumultuous times. If you want insight into what’s happening and the people making it happen, get along.

The Eat New Zealand day of the 2019 FoodHui is supported by Taste of Auckland & Lemongrass Productions, ANZ Bank, Beef + Lamb NZ, Arable Food Industry Council, Our Land & Water National Science Challenge & Antipodes Water.

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