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Eat NZ Hui: Tues 3rd May - Session Overview

Eat NZ Hui: Tues 3rd May - Session Overview

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Eat NZ Hui - Tuesday 3rd May: 9.00am - 5.00pm

DAY ONE - Lots of Little; the resilience of small and diverse solutions in such uncertain times.

Majestic Durham St Ōtautahi /Christchurch

Mihi Whakatau - Hana O'Regan

MC: Nadia Lim; Chef, Writer, Farmer.

Nadia and her husband Carlos have recently opened Royalburn Station shop on their farm in Central Otago. They have the only mobile abattoir in the country but are also arable farmers who have set up a market garden. They’re setting the bar for ‘farm to table’ experience in Aotearoa.

Keynote: Dan Barber; Owner Blue Hill Barn, New York, Author of ‘The Third Plate’ and star of Netflix Series ‘The Chef’s Table’.

Perhaps the world’s best-known chef for his ‘farm to table’ ethos, we’ll be asking Dan about food culture. In ‘The Third Plate’ he talks about how good food cannot be reduced to single ingredients and that it requires a web of relationships to support it. What is the web that spans the NZ Food System and how can it be better deployed to strengthen our food story? This will include a live Q + A with Dan.

Introduction: Angela Clifford, CEO Eat New Zealand, Co-Owner The Food Farm.

Angela will introduce the inspiration behind the theme, ‘Lots of Little’. From her permaculture property to local food networks, regenerative thinking to the Mana Kai initiative, all have informed this gathering.

Morning Tea: Coffee by the lovely people at South Town Club.

Sponsor: Paul Harvey, director Global Foodservice, Fonterra.

What has NZ ‘s biggest food company got to say about the ‘Lots of Little’ philosophy? Reflections on working together.

Lots of Little Fish: Nate Smith, Gravity Fishing and Tim Barnett, Ocean Speared.

Two of the country’s most innovative fishers, doing everything they can to reconnect people with our kaimoana. Tim will tell us how recent proposals could see a revolution in the spear-fishing space, creating a fish to order and a no by-catch system. Nate has some really exciting news to share on his journey to get ‘fish for the people’.

Lots of Little Dairy: Glen Herud, Happy Cow Milk and Simon Lamb from Cranky Goat representing Speciality Cheesemakers of NZ.

If we are indeed a ‘dairy nation’ what role do our small dairy producers play? How important are they in adding richness & depth to our story-telling as well as ensuring our own people have access to dairy products to sustain them and to celebrate with? How we get our daily dairy dose in the future may not be the same as it has been in the past.

Sponsor: MPI, George Strachan, Agriculture & Investment Services.

What roles do our lead food agency play in encouraging ‘Lots of Little’?

Lots of Little Food Waste: Katlin Dawson, GM of Food Waste Champions alongside Gareth Hughes and Grace Clare from Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance.

Globally we waste one third of our food which has an enormous impact on our ability to feed ourselves as well as the effect that has on our environment, including emissions. Internationally we can see big efforts in this space, but what’s the situation and solutions in Aotearoa?

Lunch: The Good Company and students from Riccarton High will be working with Kairos Food Rescue to bring us an upcycled lunch!

Lots of Little Food Communities: Te Rangikaheke Kiripatea, Kai Rotorua

Known by us as ‘Tohunga Kūmara’ for his amazing knowledge of one of our iconic foods, Te Rangikaheke is at the heart of one of the country’s best food communities, Kai Rotorua. What could this humble tuber and its community teach us about the way ahead?

Lots of Little Food Producers: Sarah Hedger, founder of YUM Granola

Known for her heroic stand for small food producers in the supermarket system, Sarah has inspired so many of us to stand up for what we believe to be fair. What’s her vision for small food producers in Aotearoa?

Lots of Little Food Retailers: Sarah Balle, founder of Supie.

Sarah set up an online supermarket and she’s on a mission to create a better and fairer tomorrow. How could we reimagine supermarkets in Aotearoa?

Lots of Little Farms: Jodi Roebuck, owner of Roebuck Farms

Roebuck farms is one of our most successful small market gardens. Since the first lockdown Jodi has found a way to successfully work with his local supermarket to support both their businesses. Could this be an example of a way forward for small food producers and our supermarkets?

Afternoon Tea: The Great Aotearoa Sampler Box in collaboration with Griffins!

Some of our most exciting chefs and bakers have re-invented the classics by creating the ‘Great Aotearoa Sampler Box’. A chance to try a different version of everything from a Toffee Pop to a Shrewsbury.

Lots of Little Restaurants: Giulio Sturla, Mapu. Max Gordy, Graze and Damaris Coulter, The Realness World.

It’s been over two years of incredibly difficult times for people whose calling is to feed and look after us. How do they keep the faith and find the pathway forward, how will our leaders and next generation of chefs celebrate with kai.

Lots of Little Kaitaki: Kate Underwood, Kaitaki lead for Eat New Zealand.

Two years of a cohort of next generation story-tellers, from farmers to fishers, dietitians to those at the front line of food poverty and access, from chefs to other creatives. How they connect can prove the value of “Lots of Little” and give us all inspiration as we finish day 1.

Lots of Little Chats: Donald from Citizen Foods presents his rescued and up-cycled beer, wine, cider and crackers to give us all a chance to relax and download. Cheese from NZ Artisan Cheesemakers.

Lots of Little Gatherings: An evening alleyway party in the heart of Christchurch hosted by our friend and chef Alex Davies at his restaurant Gatherings. Event open to the public, no tickets required.

Get your tickets to the Eat NZ Hui here.

You can choose to join us in-person in Ōtautahi, or secure yourself an online ticket, which will give you access to the event recordings to watch at a time that suits you!


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