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Mangōnui Fish Shop

  • Mangonui Fish
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  • Mangonui Fish

Eat locally caught fish landed at Mangōnui Wharf by local fisherman while the ocean waves roll under your feet. Only at the World Famous Mangonui Fish Shop. We are fully licensed with icy beer on tap

The Mangonui Fish Shop has been trading in fresh fish on the same site for over 70 years. Our shop is only 100 meters from the Mangōnui Wharf where we unload whole fresh fish from local boats. Mangōnui is a historic fishing village and has a rich fishing tradition dating back 150 years.

The shop which was once a homestead, has been transformed by talented and hard working families and owners over 70 years to become a go to destination for fresh, line caught fish. The Mangōnui Fish Shop's unique location, perched on poles just meters over the water is a source of facination for kids and adults alike. While you are waiting for your meal to be cooked, you may see sting rays, john dory, king fish swimming under the shop. We are often visited by the local bronze whaler sharks that use Mangōnui as a breeding ground and if you are lucking you may spot a pod of orca (killer whales) swimming by the shop.

We carry on the tradition by specialising in line caught fish, fished by local fishing boats and skippers who we know by name. These boats unload their whole fresh fish at the Mangōnui Wharf which is conveniently only 100 meters away from our shop.

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