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Kiwa Oysters

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Our oysters are harvested and sorted by hand by our on-water farm crew. Immediately graded for size and quality it is a labour intense process. No time is wasted getting these delicacies to market in generally no more than 36-48 hours from harvest.

He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tangata, He tangata, He tangata!

What is most important in the world? It is people, people, people!

One of our core values, Manaakitanga encapsulates care and respect for people and relationships, including the natural environment. It governs the way we interact with one another. An essential part of Maori culture is our desire to feed and nurture people. We demonstrate our love and respect for people by providing them with outstanding food.

Our team is proud of our oysters. The result of hard work, dedication and expertise.

Kiwa is a personification of the South Pacific Ocean – the waves, whales, moon and water. Our customary tradition is that Kiwa partnered with Hine Moana – goddess of the coastlines/erosions. Kiwa and Hine Moana’s daughter is Hine Tapiritia – mother of oysters, scallops and mussels.

Together, Kiwa and Hine Moana personify natural processes – a natural balance.

The device includes a whales tale and Koru – it also symbolises the moon.

In Māori culture, the koru or spiral symbolises growth, life and the natural world.

In the spirit of this tradition, Kiwa celebrates this iconic spiral. It represents the growth of our company and the journey of our people from the past to today. This koru signifies our long-term intergenerational goals.

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