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Goodbugs Ltd

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  • Philosophy
    Certified Organic
    Certified Regenerative Organic
    Certified Biodynamic
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Goodbugs: the world's first producers of Zesta™ - Fermented Pesto and Hamilton's only producers of commercial sauerkraut and kimchi.

Marea, Shannon and Ellen: The health advocate, the gardener and the foodie, all met via their shared passion for growing nutrient dense food, making great ferments and nourishing our families to health and wellness. Now we are bringing this nourishing goodness to you and your family. We confidently use locally grown produce in all our ferments, which are made in small batches, traditionally fermented with salt; using only the naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria on the ingredients.

Goodbugs: a name which tells a huge story. Our microbiome contains more bacteria than all our human cells. A harmonious balance between a diversity of bacteria in our microbiome will determine the state of our health. The role of these ™ that make up our microbiome is vital, but until recently, an underrated contributor to human health. Each jar of Goodbugs fermented produce is raw (unpasteurised) and alive with these life-giving probiotics Fermenting foods is a practice as old as humans themselves. Before modern food production, every household would practice fermentation as a way of preserving the harvest and keeping food over non-productive winter months. All over the world traditional cultures innately knew how to improve food with the use of invisible microbes. Science is only just catching up with the innate wisdom of our ancestors.

Zesta is Goodbugs flagship fermented product. Why have you never heard of fermented pesto? Because Goodbugs is leading the way with this newest taste sensation. 140g or 220g of premium product. Regeneratively grown nutrient dense herbs, sprayfree local garlic, certified organic nuts, seeds and olive oil. Fermented for 7-14 days. This product is packed with which are great for your gut. It's a nutrient dense food with a shelf life of 5 months but it tastes so good it rarely lasts that long!
Fermented pesto can be used much as you would other pesto, though Goodbugs Zesta has its own unique flavour. Made with seasonal herbs, the aromatic flavour of basil, accompanies kale and spinach. Activated cashew nuts, and sunflower seeds provide both a creamy and crunchy texture. The spicy and pungent taste of garlic permeates through the brackish, lemony pesto, in which fermentation adds an acidic bite where traditionally there would be cheese.

Enjoy a swirl on pizza, tossed through a salad, smeared in a burger bun, stirred through fresh pasta, a garnish on eggs benedict, added to an antipasto platter, dolloped on bruschetta…or avocado.

Goodbugs sauerkraut is fermented cabbages and salt, to which flavours can be added.
Fermented foods have a long history in many cultures, with sauerkraut being one of the most well known. Originating in China it is most commonly associated with Eastern Europe. Captain Cook was known to carry sauerkraut on board ship, to prevent scurvy during long sea voyages.

Seasonal Sauerkraut Flavours, when available, are: Lemony Snicket Lemonade and Caraway, Citrus Twist Lemon and Coriander Seed, Golden Kraut Turmeric, Ginger and Orange, Dilly Dally Dill Seed and Dill Tip, Ginger Ninja Kimchi.

Open Tuesday 4-6pm and Saturday 8-2pm and at Waikato Farmers Market Sunday.

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  • Philosophy
    Certified Organic
    Certified Regenerative Organic
    Certified Biodynamic

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