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Ahia Smoked Seafood

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We are seafaring people who live on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, between Potikirua and Te Toka a Taiau from near Lottin Point to the mouth of the Turanganui River at Gisborne which Maori call Te Tairawhiti – “The coast where the sun shines across the water”.

We select, fillet, prepare and manuka-smoke our fish with skill and passion according to our traditions.

We smoke fresh fish wherever possible, and take special care of each and every fish from the ocean to you.

Our experts think of each fish as a gift and know which species taste best smoked.

Fire, or “ahi” has the power to destroy and also to create.

“Ahia” is a word that denotes the creative – even divine – power of fire to stimulate the new, to temper, to transform.

Māori used fire to make sea-going vessels, to make medicine, temper fish hooks and harden weapons as well as to cook food and transform it into something delicious that creates joy.

“Ahia” is a word drawn from expression “ahi a te ariki, which denotes the higher purpose of fire and means “fire of the high-born” or “fire of the gods”.

It does not take much smoking to give our range of smoked fish its delicious taste.

We hope you will agree that this small touch of the creative essence of Ahia upon fish that has been treated as a treasure, or taonga from the ocean, creates something that is simply divine.

In the range includes: Hoki, Gemfish, Blue Moki, Salmon, Kahawai Manuka Honey, Trevally Horopito & Pepper, Hoki & Safrron Spread, Gemfish & Citrus Spread, Salmon & Paprika Aioli Spread.


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