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Recipe: Mussels Thermidor

Recipe: Mussels Thermidor

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This recipe is by one of our Eat New Zealand Kaitaki - Chef Max Gordy of the soon-to-open Graze Wine Bar in Wellington.

Mussel Thermidor

● Recipe

○ 5kg Mussels (blue lipped preferred but green lip will also do)

● Method

○ Clean shells with edge of spoon

○ Remove beard

○ Lightly steam to open up

○ Remove meat, chop, place into a container to store

○ Reserve shells to serve in

Thermidor sauce

● Recipe

○ 500g cream

○ 150g pecorino

○ 2 tbsp Colemans mustard powder

○ White pepper

○ Salt

○ 50g butter

○ 100g fish stock

○ ½ onion

○ 60ml cognac

● Method

○ Finely dice onions and sweat in butter

○ Add mustard powder, salt, and white pepper

○ Once translucent add fish stock

○ Reduce by ¾ (or until thick)

○ Add cream and cognac and reduce until thick

○ Add pecorino

○ Mix through mussels and load into shells

To serve

● Preheat oven to 180C

● Place mussel thermidor into mussel shells and bake for 5 mins (or until hot)

● Serve atop seaweed

● Garnish with parsley


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