Rise of the Star Women at Field & Green

Field Green Matariki

Hosted by Field & Green

Matiriki and her six daughters; the Greek mythological seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione; and the Eastern European seven maids of Volosozhary. People around the world connected the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades with the very concept of life and death, due to the fact these ‘star women’ signaled the beginning and end of the seasons, when to sow and when to harvest, and when to engage in festivities.

Here in Aotearoa, Matariki signals the Māori New Year, a time of renewal and celebration. This year, mid-July is the optimal time to observe the rising of Matariki, in the phase of the moon known as Tangaroa, the moon of plenty. Come join us to celebrate the ‘Rise of the Star Women’ with whānau and friends, and enjoy kai supplied by Awatoru Wildfood with toikupu (poetry) from Helen Rickerby and Stacey Teague (first night), Vana Manasiadis and Sinead Overbye (second night). Special mention also to Jannine Rickards (Huntress Wines) and Julz Brogden (Collaboration Wines) we’ll have some great wines by two talented winemakers.



He rengarenga kūmara, ka uhia ki te tuna Kūmara rösti topped with smoked eel


Borscht, challah Eastern European beetroot soup, Jewish bread


Shlishkas, breadcrumbs, Périgord truffle cream Hungarian dumplings made with Jerusalem artichoke


He pātiki tōtara me makawe karengo Yellowbelly flounder & seaweed


Confit poussin, winter greens, lemon cream Ka kitea a Matariki, ka maoka te hinu / When Matariki is seen the fat is cooked


Slow-cooked wild venison shoulder, Ōtaki damson jelly


Greek baklava & Ōtaki honey ice cream

For this event ‘Rise of the Star Women’ we have taken a unique perspective on celebrating Matariki. It is part of our Supper Club Series when we collaborate with event organisers Pirate & Queen.


  • Wednesday 15 July –
    Thursday 16 July
  • 262 Wakefield Street
    Te Aro