Feast Matariki at Hillside Kitchen & Cellar

Hillside Kitchen Boil Up Feast Matariki 2020

Hosted by Hillside Kitchen

Matariki Menu 2020

This year's Matariki menu is honoring the Matariki star cluster which rises in the winter sky just before dawn, Matariki (the Pleiades) signals the Māori New Year. Traditionally, it was a time for remembering the dead, and celebrating new life. This year we will be telling a story about each of the 9 stars in the star cluster. Some say that the 9 stars represent different children of the earth mother Papatuanuku and sky father, Ranginui. Both of them were divided over whether to separate and bring light and life to the earth. Tawhirimatea, the god of the winds, did not agree with his brother's actions. He thought that separating his parents was cruel. He was so angry he tore out his own eyes and threw them into the heavens where they have looked down on man ever since.


The snacks will be representing Matariki, the star that signifies reflection, hope, our connection to the environment, and the gathering of people, in this case the gathering of our suppliers.


The bread will represent Ururangi which is connected to the entry into the heavens and connected with the winds.

1st Course: Mushroom tart (gf requires a gluten free cracker)

This course represents Waipuna-ā-Rangi which is connected with spring and the rain

2nd Course: Seaweed taco (vegan +gf)

This course represents Waitā which is associated with the ocean and the food sources within it

3rd Course: “Boil up” (gf (vegan alternative gets grated horseradish rather than yoghurt)

This course represents Waitī which is connected with all fresh water bodies and the food sources that are sustained by those waters

4th Course: Celeriac, Onions, Dirt (vegan gets a walnut sauce, GF gets toasted nuts)

This course represents Tupuānuku the star connected with everything that grows within the soil to be harvested or gathered for food.

Cheese course: Crumpet with Cheese (gf gets OMgoodness crumpet and Vegan gets walnut cheese and no butter or honey)

This course represents Papatūānuku - earth mother it’s not a star of in the cluster but rather a homage to the story of the separation of Papatūānuku and Ranginui (sky father)

Palate cleanser

This represents Tupu-ā-rangi the star connected to everything in the sky, fruit, and berries (it’s also portrayed as an eye to represent Tāwhirimātea as he crushed it and threw it up into the sky in anger at the separation of his parents)

Pre dessert: Cloud (vegan (gf check about oat allergy, gets candied nuts and fig sorbet)

This course represents Ranginui the sky father, separated by their offspring which is why is portrayed in the menu by being separated by the previous course

Course 5: Chocolate and Porcini (gf & vegan get no fondant but chocolate tofu mousse instead)

This course is connected to Pōhutakawa, the star connected to those that have passed on and an ode to those of colour that have passed due to systemic injustice.

Petit 4’s

This is paying homage to Hiwaiterangi, the star connected to granting wishes and realising our aspirations for the coming year.


  • Tuesday 23 June –
    Sunday 16 August
  • 241 Tinakori Road
  • Spaces are limited
  • Options of 5 courses ($82) or 7 Courses ($96) with wine and non alcoholic pairings also available to add on.
  • Buy tickets here