Kindness and Kaihaukai

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On Sunday night we collaborated on a very special event with The Realness, an owner operator collective featuring many tangata whenua businesses. Professor Rangi Matamua, who is part of the group leading the government taskforce on Matariki, came and spoke about this time of year and its special connection to food.

We called this dinner Kaihaukai, recognition of a feast where people bring something to trade, enhancing the mana of everyone. People created & found beautiful things, and the sense of community was profound and felt warmly throughout the evening.

Feast Matariki is an opportunity to change our food narrative to include stories that reflect us all, our different worldviews, and a table that can celebrate whatever and how ever much we can bring to it. Whether you are here to speak, or just to listen, we’d invite everyone to pull up a seat.

Words by eatnewzealand