Feast Matariki 2020

Alpha Street Kitchen Feast Matariki Dish 2019
Alpha Street Kitchen Feast Matariki Dish 2019

This year the constellation Matariki will rise on the 13th - 15th of July. It's a time of renewal and contemplation for thousands of years here in the South Pacific, we’ve been celebrating the winter months (Pipiri) by drawing close and feasting. We think it's a wonderful time to give thanks for the food of our amazing country. Some of the stars of Matariki represent the water, earth, ocean, air and the bounty that came from them. It is the end of one growing year and the promise of a new one ahead.

Feast Matariki seeks to re-emerge these stories by celebrating our nation’s (modern-day) national food celebration. We hope that despite new and challenging circumstances throughout the country, people will still take the time to come together and share food, no matter what their heritage or background. Make a moment to reconnect with where our food comes from and to recognise the truly incredible ingredients we grow, catch and make here.

Let us know if you will be celebrating Matariki with food, it could be a community event, your local farmers market coming together, a menu or some other type of activation. If you are planning a Matariki celebration...

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Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we embark on an exciting new journey, lead by our Kaitaki - a collective of young food guides - as they seek to unearth Feast Matariki stories gathered from all corners of Aotearoa.

Words by eatnewzealand