Eat New Zealand is dedicated to connecting people with our land through our food.

This winter we’re excited to present New Zealand’s first national food celebration, Feast Matariki.

So take the time to find your table, pull up a seat, join us.

For thousands of years here in the South Pacific, we’ve been celebrating the winter months (Pipiri) by drawing close and feasting. For Māori it was a time to give thanks for the food of our amazing country Aotearoa/New Zealand. This time was signalled by the rise of the Matariki (Pleadies) constellation and these stars represented the water, earth, ocean, air and the bounty that came from them. It was a time for renewal, the end of one growing year and the promise of a new one ahead.

Feast Matariki seeks to re-emerge these stories by creating our nation’s first (modern-day) national food celebration. Throughout the country people will be taking the time to come together and share food, no matter what their heritage or background. It’s a moment to reconnect with where our food comes from and to recognise the truly incredible ingredients we grow, catch and make here. It’s also a time to acknowledge the manaakitanga or hospitality that is an intrinsic part of who we are as kiwis.